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Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management

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16. May 2022
Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Retap was founded in 2009, when sustainable products had not yet fully taken over the market. So to speak, Retap were one of the first to focus not only on the appearance and quality of their products, but also to consider their impact on the environment in which we live. More than a decade later, the Danish company boasts a number of eco-friendly bottles, carafes, and glasses that have been specially designed for drinking tap water.

Retap was founded in 2009 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs who, after doing a lot of research, became acquainted with the pollution and accumulation of plastic waste in our oceans, most of which are bottles.

“At the UN climate meeting back in 2009 in Copenhagen (COP 15), we became more aware of the negative impact of bottled water on our environment. We felt that something had to be done. We set our minds to designing a bottle especially made for drinking tap water. One year and many designs later in the summer of 2010, we released the Retap Bottle and we are very proud of this sustainable and beautiful product.”

– Lars Brøndum Petersen, one of the founders

Since then, several bottles, carafes, glasses, and many bottle accessories have been added to the Retap product range. Today, Retap products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world, based in Agerskov, Denmark. The company’s main vision is to eliminate pollution and waste from disposable bottles and reduce the individual’s carbon footprint. With this, the brand has become more than just a bottle manufacturer – Retap is not only considered a way of drinking water, but also a way of sustainable thinking.

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What Makes Retap Products Stand Out?

  • Easy to clean and reuse: Retap products are designed without edges that would otherwise allow accumulation and growth of bacteria. They are suitable for both dishwasher cleaning and manual cleaning.
  • Durable, light and recycled glass: Retap products are made of borosilicate glass, which is also used in laboratories, as it meets the highest hygiene standards. It is considered a strong and clean material without lead or cadmium, and at the same time the glass is also heat-resistant, light and durable.
  • Sustainable product: Retap products are an ideal alternative to bottles due to their quality recycled borosilicate glass. Not only that, due to their minimalist appearance and durability, they are considered to be one of the highest quality environmentally friendly products.

More on Sustainability

Water is the essence of life and should not be exploited in a way that harms the environment. Plastic is one of the biggest sinners. It has a negative impact on the environment and poses a rapidly growing threat worldwide. One million bottles are bought every minute, the production and transport of which cost huge amounts of energy. On top of all that, much of the bottles end up in the oceans, which could lead to more plastic than fish in the oceans in the coming decades.

At Retap, they believe that sustainability depends on the relationship between people and the environment. Every little action has an impact or a consequence. In order to truly operate sustainably, we need to change our way of life. Big changes start with smaller ones.

Sustainability goals of Retap

The United Nations goals for sustainable development are to achieve a more sustainable future for all. The global need for development addresses the challenges of climate change, poverty, inequality, pollution, peace and justice. With the production of environmentally friendly bottles, Retap focuses on goals 6, 12 and 14:

  • Objective 6: Providing accessible drinking water for all
  • Objective 12: Responsible and sustainable production and consumption
  • Goal 14: Reduce ocean pollution

Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management

Retap’s main mission is to reduce the consumption of disposable bottles. By avoiding disposable plastics, they want to protect the environment and people from chemicals and microplastics. That is why they do not stop only at the products themselves, but also attribute their vision to the packaging – in order to work and live as sustainably as possible, the bottle is its own packaging. This means that we do not usually use individual packaging for their products, but replace it with FSC®-certified cartridges placed in a Retap bottle and a Retap jug. These contain all the required information about the Retap product. In cases where packaging is needed, it is also certified by the FSC, as the company supports the responsible use of global forest resources.

To ensure safe and fair production, Retap products are manufactured in Europe. This means that Retap keeps production nearby to save CO2 and reduce environmental impact to a minimum. An independent study by Carbon Footprint Ltd showed that 57.5 kg of CO2e can be saved each year by using a 500 ml Retap bottle instead of a 500 ml PET bottle. Research also shows that after refilling Retap Bottles twice, the impact on the environment will be less compared to using one single-use plastic water bottle.

Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management

Innovative Design

It is not only sustainability that distinguishes the Retap brand – the brand with its simple and functional lines in design follows the Scandinavian design traditions, which are also reflected in the Red Dot Design Award, The Promotional Gift Award and The Good Design Award. Retap products won several years in a row.

You can be sure that Retap products fit into any environment and bring elegance and sophistication to your daily life. The shape of the bottle ensures excellent water flow and allows easy filling from the tap.

Possibility of Complete Personalization

But design doesn’t stop there – Retap offers you the possibility of complete personalization, as the company wants to invite as many people as possible to sustainable management. Retap accessories include a wide range of high quality products, including drinking straws, coats and lids made of different materials and a wide range of different colours, among which there is always one that suits your company profile. At the same time, they also offer the printing of logos in various designs.

Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management

Protective coat with good grip: Retap coats are made of ecologically certified elastane, which smoothly follows the curves of the Retap bottle. It is pleasant to the touch and provides good grip. The included strap allows you to easily carry the bottle.

Handmade wooden lids: To add an exclusive touch to your Retap bottle or carafe, you can choose a wooden or walnut wooden lid. These are handmade by a traditional Danish craftsman, and each lid is unique and of excellent quality.

Many colors: To give your Retap bottle a personal touch, you can choose from many different cap colours. These are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which was chosen because of its low environmental impact. It is also easy to recycle.

Brand Spotlight: The Main Goal of Retap Is Sustainable Management

Retap products are a valuable business gift, as well as a top gift for customers and a unique gift for employees. The recipients appreciate them as they emphasize the company’s values ​​and the importance of maintaining hydration in a sustainable way.

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