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Do You Know Where You Stand on the Scale of Social Responsibility?

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19. July 2021
Do You Know Where You Stand on the Scale of Social Responsibility? 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
Do You Know Where You Stand on the Scale of Social Responsibility? 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Our world faces countless problems every day – from poverty and hunger, wars and injustice, to climate change. Despite constant effort and endeavour, unfortunately none of us can change the world alone. However, our small actions can encourage others to do the same, and thus have a positive impact on the structure of our community, and consequently on the state of our country and, last but not least, the planet.

Right now is the best time for each of us to take the current situation into account and start thinking seriously about how to contribute to a better quality of life for all of us. Your family, co-workers, friends and people around you will soon notice changes in your behaviour and actions – they will see your changed lifestyle and maybe take a similar path yourself. But don’t expect others to be the ones to take the first step; we all need to contribute our share and make better decisions before we can expect noticeable change.

But maybe now you’re thinking that you don’t actually need to change anything yourself. After all, you are aware of the problems in the world and may even contribute to improving them. But nonetheless, the question arises: Are you a socially responsible person?

What Does It Actually Mean to Be Socially Responsible?

It means being aware of how your actions and decisions affect what is happening around you. It also refers to your conscious and selfless making of these decisions for the sake of all of us. However, in order to present the socially responsible mentality in more detail, I would like to share with you five ways to move to the next level of social consciousness.

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Be informed.

Find out about things that affect your community, your country and consequently the whole world. Always be aware of what is going on around you; this will provide you with a completely different perspective on your environment and fellow human beings, help you separate superficial matters from the most urgent ones, guide your decisions and thus contribute to the end result. We put too much strain on unimportant situations on a daily basis; when you actually open your eyes and see the whole picture and the real problems we face as a community, the importance of some situations also changes.

Be active in your community.

Another way to become a more socially aware person is to participate in the community. You need to know the challenges and opportunities and get involved – from making suggestions to volunteering at various events, from attending community meetings, fairs and charity events, to getting to know your neighbours. What you will soon find are different opinions, ideas and talents with which you will be able to improve your community as a result.

Be more sensitive.

Sensitivity is something that provides solidarity to a fellow human being. Adequate response in critical situations is extremely important as it directly affects the final outcome. A socially conscious person is one who not only looks after his own needs, but also likes to take care of others. The belief that everyone is provided for makes such a person happy and motivated. Taking care of only yourself is not only selfish, it also takes you away from reality. It is extremely important to think about the needs of others, because only with joint efforts can we achieve the set goals.

Enjoy responsibly.

Keep track of where the products you buy are made. Find out about the visions and missions of the companies you work with. Educate your employees and expose them to the green initiative. Shop sustainably, locally, or create your own home kitchen creations as needed. Your goal should be to generate as little waste as possible and make sure you support local farms and producers of your favourite products.

Take care of the planet.

The last, and perhaps the most important piece of advice, is, of course, related to caring for our planet. Even if you think you are not capable of changing the future on your own, don’t let that stop you. You can contribute to the preservation of the planet by countless small actions that you have certainly heard of, or perhaps already practiced: reduce energy and water consumption, reuse plastic, and recycle waste. The planet needs all our effort; changing our habits is not complicated or expensive, but something can quickly help reduce our carbon footprint and consequently affect both our health and the well-being of our environment.

Social responsibility is important from several aspects. But for our team, the most important last goal is to focus on caring for the planet. We believe that planet B does not exist. It is high time we came together and, as one, contribute to a cleaner future.

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