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Be sustainable,
Be responsible,
Be eco-chic

Love of nature

Man was created to live in harmony with nature and other living beings on Earth. And what exactly is this harmony? Quite simply – the Earth is our home. A home that needs to be taken care of to the best of our abilities. In other words, each individual makes an important contribution to how much attention the pay to the protection of nature and the consequences they leave on the environment through their actions. The mission of the Ekoman story has therefore revolved around quite a simple idea already from the very beginning – we want to contribute to ecological awareness so that we can think about preserving the environment every step of the way. Even when choosing promotional gifts.

On the Ekoman portal, we choose only the best products, which are largely made from recycled, organic or in some other way environmentally friendly materials. They contribute to the saving of energy or use energy renewable resources to operate.

The choice of an environmentally friendly gift may represent only one piece in the mosaic of maintaining a clean environment, but regardless of that, we should pay attention to what products we surprise our business partners, employees, and friends with. The Ekoman team is available at all times to help you choose environmentally friendly products.

Let’s be sustainable, let’s be responsible, let’s be chic.

Ekoman Story

1. Ecologically oriented

We make sure that our products ate carefully selected from those made with high-quality recycled, organic or any other environmentally friendly materials. We work sustainably and responsibly towards the environment. We constantly monitor trends and legislation in the fields of ecology.

2. Responsible business

We respect your time and money. We nurture business partnerships, respect implementation agreements, and adhere to deadlines. The project that you entrust to us is carried out from the conceptual design to delivery, the necessary finishing touches, and delivered to selected addresses.

3. Development oriented

We are constantly on the hunt for new environmentally friendly products and solutions that best convey the messages of brands or companies. We develop our own brands and ideas for sustainable operation.

Become part of the Ekoman story

We believe the Ekoman story unites. Not only within business relationships but also in caring for the environment. We believe in genuine, personal contact and are happy to take the time to chat on the phone and answer your questions. During work hours, we can be reached at the following telephone number:

If you prefer the digital route, we invite you to use our contact form or send us an e-mail to hello@ekoman.si. We promise to reply as soon as possible.