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How to Stay Healthy in the Winter Months?

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19. July 2021
How to Stay Healthy in the Winter Months? 1 Renata Novak je strokovnjak na področju vsebinskega marketinga, digitalnega marketinga in upravljanja blagovnih znamk.
How to Stay Healthy in the Winter Months? 1 Renata Novak is a brand manager, digital marketer and content writer.


Have you been snoring and coughing more frequently lately? Have you been experiencing headaches as well? Do you feel more tired than usual? Are you having trouble focusing on your work? If you answered any of these questions in the affirmative, I have bad news – you are doing something wrong. But luckily for you, it can all be fixed – and I know how.

How would you react if I told you that a comfortable bed, a cup of your favourite tea, and scented candles are all you need to stay healthy during the winter? I bet you wouldn’t believe me – even more so if you’re used to getting sick during winter. And you’re not entirely wrong – I’ll admit, it takes a lot more effort to stay healthy – but let me explain. Of course, your best bet is to visit your personal physician first and get vaccinated against the flu. However, there’s some stuff you can do by yourself right at home.

Step Out into the Fresh Air

Yes, yes, I’m aware – it’s freezing outside, and with each second, the temperature is dropping. I, too, would much rather stay in bed with a cup of tea and a warm blanket. But did you know that we come across the icky germs much faster if we’re staying indoors? Especially if we live with someone who’s already sick. A brisk walk through the park can be very refreshing as it wakes you up and helps you clear your mind. Not to mention the beautiful snowy landscape we overlook if we decide to stay inside, snuggled up in a blanket.

Get Moving (At Least a Little)

Unless you also like to visit the gym during the summer, then you probably won’t be doing squats and sit-ups during cold winter days, right? And while it’s no lie that the cold weather makes us a little lazy, it’s still good to do some exercise. Find a yoga mat and start with a few simple poses – don’t forget to warm up before and cool down after the exercises! You shouldn’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat a hearty meal, either. To motivate yourself, turn on the radio or play your favourite song. In fact, why not replace the workout with a dance party?

Clear Mind, Clear Sinuses

This is definitely the last thing you would think of when dealing with a cold. Nevertheless, relaxation can greatly help improve your immune system. Stress is a common cause of illness, so caring for the mind is just as important as caring for the body. Often, due to stress, we begin to neglect proper nutrition and sleep, which allows bacteria to enter our body more easily and quickly. This is why you need to clear your mind completely every now and then and put your problems aside for a while. The best way to relax your mind is through meditation – light some candles, turn on a meditation playlist, and do some breath exercises. You will soon begin to notice changes in both your mental and physical health.

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Treat Yourself to a Warm Bath

As tiny as they are, germs are incredibly successful at destroying our health. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to your hygiene during the colder months – take frequent showers or baths, cleansing every part of your body. Remember to do your hygiene routine before meals as well – wash your hands with antibacterial soap and do not touch your mouth and nose too frequently. Consider buying a hand sanitizer that you can carry with you and use wherever. This will reduce the risk of you getting sick.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea A Day

Sometimes a blanket is enough to keep you warm – and other times you need a hot cup of tea to sip while watching your favourite movies. When making tea, be sure to use fresh herbs or berries so that the drink retains its natural taste. Add a few drops of lemon and honey to build up the strength of your immune system even more. If tea isn’t really your cup of tea (See what I did there?), replace it with a fresh fruit smoothie, or simply drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice! The latter is full of vitamin C, which will protect your health.

Dress Weather Appropriate

No matter how much we want it, we can’t avoid having to run errands even when it’s freezing outside. So, if you do go out, you must to make sure you dress appropriately for the cold weather – don’t forget to layer your clothes, protect your toes and fingers with warm socks and gloves, and put on a woollen hat and a soft scarf to protect you from the common cold. It’s not just about preventing illness – knowing that you’re safe from the cold will make you feel more comfortable, and, in addition, you won’t shiver from the cold while waiting at the bus stop or taking a walk.

Long Hours of Sleep

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. It not only helps our digestive system, but it also does wonders for both our physical and mental health. While it doesn’t hurt to pull an all-nighter every now and then, it’s important to remember that sleepless nights may harm the immune system and promote an unhealthy change in biorhythm. Although we’ve been taught that the number of hours of sleep an individual needs varies from person to person, this is not entirely true, as most sleep experts argue that every adult should get at least seven hours of sleep a night, if not eight.

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