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It’s Time Sustainable Promotional Gifts Become a Part of Everyday Life

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19. July 2021
It’s Time Sustainable Promotional Gifts Become a Part of Everyday Life 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
It’s Time Sustainable Promotional Gifts Become a Part of Everyday Life 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Environmentally friendly promotional products will stay in trend in the coming months – why is that? Hasn’t enough been done for our planet yet? Wasn’t it enough to replace plastic bags with reusable ones and replace regular toothbrushes with bamboo ones?

These are the questions that popularize sustainable promotional gifts – the belief that we have done our part in protecting the environment by making small changes to our daily lives is detrimental to the actual progress we have made so far through our actions. It is important that we continue our attempts to change the harmful effects of global warming to ensure a better future not only for our own children, but also for other generations and species. It is up to us to take responsibility to correct our past mistakes.

One way to do this is to surprise your clients with sustainable promotional gifts and teach them about the importance of environment-related issues. And while the promotional products industry is constantly growing, it is also becoming more intricate. Constantly changing social trends and technological advances can make it even more difficult to choose promotional products and business gifts for your business. So, what are the quality promotional products that will authentically represent your company and brand?

First and Foremost, Functional

To be completely honest, people are getting bored. The market is overflowing with cheap knick-knacks and everyone has already received a pile of promotional products, of which only a few were actually useful. People tend to make their working and living space as functional as possible, so you should strive to surprise them with useful and effective products. This means focusing on their function before choosing gifts – instead of a keychain that will most likely collect dust on the shelf, opt for a practical foldable umbrella, or perhaps even headphones that the gift recipients will use at every turn.

Just as Important, Quality

Promotional products are still considered one of the most effective ways of advertising. No matter how innovative and unique they are, if the are not of high quality, they will not make it through the brutal promotional marketing industry.

Imagine, for instance, you’re attending an event. You come back home with at least five different pens given to you by five different companies. Which ones do you still use? Probably the ones that turned out to be very high quality, no? The rest made their way to the bottom of a bin. Why is this so? More and more companies are trying to impress their customers with product design alone, but don’t pay enough mind to product quality. In this case, too, the saying less is more is accurate. With less high quality promotional products, you will make a better impression in the long run than you would be able to with a large number of cheap products that people quickly lose interest in when they recognize their low quality.

Technologically Advanced, Of Course

Useful technological devices are among the most looked-for promotional and business products. This includes fitness equipment, headphones, phone chargers, power banks, flash drives, and more. Every day of each of us uses a laptop, mobile phone, speakers, headphones, and other gadgets – it is completely predictable that technological gifts will attract the most enthusiasm among the recipients.

After all, technological gadgets are becoming increasingly popular, and all you need to do is choose the perfect one for your clients and business partners from a wide range of products, and find the ones that will best suit your business budget and marketing goals. Technological gifts are the ideal way to introduce your business in a positive light to new, potential customers, and strengthen existing client relationships.

Last But Not Least, Environmentally Friendly

And at the very end, we go back and conclude the discussion with a focus on sustainable promotional gifts. As we have already mentioned, caring for the environment is an important aspect of both our personal and professional lives. People are becoming more aware of what is happening around them and striving to better the world in which our children and grandchildren will live.

Did you know that more than ninety percent of people keep at least one promotional item in their kitchens? Why, for example, would these products not be made from degradable and environmentally friendly materials such as wheat straw fibre or bamboo? Such materials do not only contribute to less environmental pollution when the product inevitably meets its end, but your company will also show your green-minded view of our world, which will certainly positively affect the opinion of your customers, employees, and business partners.

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