Manj kot 1 EUR: Nizkocenovni promocijski izdelki, ki zagotavljajo uspeh

Less than 1 EUR: Low-cost promotional products that ensure success

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22. June 2021
Less than 1 EUR: Low-cost promotional products that ensure success 1 Renata Novak je strokovnjak na področju vsebinskega marketinga, digitalnega marketinga in upravljanja blagovnih znamk.
Less than 1 EUR: Low-cost promotional products that ensure success 1 Renata Novak is a brand manager, digital marketer and content writer.


When a company starts thinking about buying promotional gifts, one often wonders if it is financially stable enough to invest in a different form of promotion. These are products that will help your company become more recognizable and encourage serious customer cooperation at every step of your business relationship. These are products that your customers, co-workers, and employees will use every day – and they will remind you and your brand every time.

Fortunately for young entrepreneurs, promotional products can be found at extremely low prices, which does not mean low quality. An incredibly large number of these promotional products are also available for under € 1, which means you can offer added value to potential customers without seriously affecting your budget.

So where do we find promotional products at affordable prices?

#1 Pens for only 0.08 EUR

Ordinary and ballpoint pens are a boring gift for many, so involving your business story is extremely important – let the recipients know that you have put a lot of thought into their gift. You can surprise them with a personalized pen engraved with their name, or with an environmentally friendly pencil that turns into a flower, spice, or even a tree after use! As far as pens are concerned, the possibilities are endless, and they start at just eight cents.

#2 Bags and backpacks for as little as 0.17 EUR

Although at first glance it seems that an entrepreneur should be willing to spend fifteen or more euros on a well-made backpack or bag, this is not the case in the world of promotional gifts – a significant number of reusable shopping bags are available for less than 90 cents, while the prices of simple backpacks made of quality and environmentally friendly materials are already around 40 cents, and with additional personalization, they turn into an ideal promotional gift.

#3 Personal care products for only 0.21 EUR

By donating personal care products, you express care for your customers, employees and business partners. Gifts that contain personal care products are ideal especially for cosmetic and similar companies, as they communicate to the world that caring for your customers does not end when they leave your salon, but only really begins. Fortunately, products that take care of their well-being, such as a wheat fiber comb and a bamboo toothbrush, are available at an extremely wallet-friendly price.

#4 Kitchen products for only 0.21 EUR

Products for use in the kitchen are rarely found in a promotional gift bag, with the exception of various culinary events where they are actually already expected. But with the exception of these events, such gifts are a surprise on the faces of the recipients – a beautiful apron or a practical cheese board is exactly what will make the kitchen happy at the end of the same evening. The kitchen reminds us of homeliness, simplicity, and accessibility, which will create an extremely positive association with your company.

#5 Eco products for only 0.29 EUR

With organic or gardening products, you are giving green customers a green message that will present your business in a new light. However, since items made from recycled materials are often a bit more expensive, you can opt for a different form of an eco gift. Postcards, greeting cards, and seed pots are just three of the many affordable options.

#6 Notebooks and folders for only 0.37 EUR

Despite the frequency of notebooks and similar office supplies in promotional packages, they are still considered one of the most popular. This means that you can’t go wrong with them – notebooks and folders are among the most affordable promotional products. By investing in the purchase, you ensure the future success of the company, whether it is visible in the greater recognition of your brand or in a larger number of customers.

#7 Board games for as little as 0.56 EUR

Human society is priceless, so board games are worth every penny. Luckily, they won’t empty your wallets either, but they will provide entertainment at every gathering. Classic games such as Tetris in a newer version, Jenga, Rubik’s cube and other, completely innovative games will surely impress everyone.

#8 Pendants for as little as 0.57 EUR

Pendants become a part of an individual’s everyday life. Its shape or print will subconsciously affect the mindset of anyone who notices it. However, since the decorative purpose of keyrings does not convince many people, you can opt for a pendant with several functions – many of them can be used as a bottle opener or a token for shopping carts.

#9 Wallets for as little as 0.85 EUR

No one thinks about buying a wallet – I still use the one I bought in my first year of high school. That is why a wallet is an unexpected but practical gift that will not only bring a smile to your customers’ faces but also associate their view of the wallet with the thought of your company. And it’s not a negative association where thinking of you would also mean wasting and consequently losing money, but creating a positive thought that connects the wallet – the object that protects their income – to you and your reliability.

#10 Surprises for the tasting buds for as little as 0.91 EUR

When we receive promotional gifts, we rarely come across treats – which is why we are most excited about them, no matter what they are. Even the smallest package of peppermint can evoke an association with your business, and a morning cup of coffee turns a business with you into a positive experience. It has been proven that the effectiveness of promotional products increases when we focus on an individual human sense.

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