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Practical Gifts that Help Slow Down the Fast Pace of Life

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7. February 2022
Practical Gifts that Help Slow Down the Fast Pace of Life 1 Renata Novak je strokovnjak na področju vsebinskega marketinga, digitalnega marketinga in upravljanja blagovnih znamk.
Practical Gifts that Help Slow Down the Fast Pace of Life 1 Renata Novak is a brand manager, digital marketer and content writer.


We live in a world where we are constantly in a hurry – we are in a hurry on our way to work, to school, to the store, to the library, to lunch… But sometimes every one of us just wants a peaceful afternoon; we rarely find time to calm down completely and slow down our fast-paced lifestyle. So the best thing we can do for ourselves is to equip ourselves with practical gadgets that slow us down at least a little and help us breathe with full lungs.

Below is a list of practical gifts that are ideal for ever-busy individuals.

Practical Water Bottle

Due to the many chores that await us every day, we often forget to get enough water into our body. Without sufficient hydration, unpleasant consequences such as dizziness, nausea and, above all, lack of energy can quickly befall us. That is why it is all the more important during workdays not to forget about hydrating our body.

A simple and practical water bottle becomes our best friend in such moments, as it makes sure we are hydrated at every turn. Sometimes, when we are especially busy and do not find time for a hearty lunch, a bottle of water and a delicious granola bar can fill us with energy and clear our minds up until the moment when we can finally indulge in a nutritious meal in peace.

When choosing the right bottle, several factors come into play, such as its size and practicality; but quality is also extremely important. Bottles made of high-quality glass and those equipped with a silicone or other kinds of sleeves prevent many accidents – in the event of the bottle slipping out of our hand, we do not have to deal with cleaning the glass and wiping up.

Power Banks

Due to the early morning hours and late afternoon chores, many of us forget to connect our mobile phone to the power supply and wake up with an empty battery. While we like to claim that we are not addicted to our phones, it must be acknowledged that they represent an extremely important part of our lives. That is why an empty battery puts us in a bad mood – it always appears in the worst situation.

In such cases, it is wise to keep a portable charger in your bag or backpack, as it often proves to be a lifesaver especially on the days when our to-do list is the longest. Without the help of a portable charger or power bank, we’re unable to use navigation, order a cab, make important calls, and so on.

Skin Care Products

Well-nourished skin nourishes the mind – and no, that’s not an exaggeration. Everyone knows the problems with skin that sweats in summer and dries and scalds in winter. It is even worse when pimples or other skin conditions appear that cause discomfort and sometimes incoherence at work. Different creams make our lives easier in such moments and enable us to do a better job.

Also, many of us encounter chapped and bitten lips as a result of anxiety due to our often overcrowded schedule. Anyone who has ever dealt with this ailment will agree that the pain (and at the same time the stress) is only escalating. Therefore, it is good to take care of your lips with special ointments or Vaseline, thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort and at the same time easing your busy schedule.

Lunch Box

Like hydration, we sometimes forget about food because of our fast-paced lifestyle. Most often we end the day with one meal less than intended because we promise to go eat “as soon as we finish this task”. And we repeat this over and over and over again… But the fact is that without enough nutrients we don’t have enough energy to work successfully; moreover, lack of food only leads to an even worse mood that can be passed on to co-workers.

That’s why practical lunch boxes are perfect when tackling a mountain of chores. If we prepare a meal in the morning or the day before and bring it with us to the office, we actually have no excuse that we have “too little time” for lunch or snack. Food is the main source of energy, and quality meals prepared at home fill us up with good mood.


Many obligations have a habit of besieging us at every turn, even when we are waiting for a bus or train. Worrying about all the daily chores alone is not enough – it is accompanied by loud conversations of other passengers, crying babies, barking dogs, and to top it all off an alarm going off in a nearby store. Because of this, we do not find peace even on our way to work and we are left to our own devices.

With headphones, you can mute all the noise for at least a few minutes – when using public transportation or waiting in line at the bakery, you can spend those few moments in peace with your favorite song or podcast. In those minutes, we completely forget about all our obligations and simply enjoy the moment when everything is calm.

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