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Sustainable Promotional Products to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

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4. April 2022
Sustainable Promotional Products to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
Sustainable Promotional Products to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Sustainability may have started as a consumer trend. But now many people see it as something necessary, and now it is expected that companies will follow suit. As consumers become increasingly socially aware, they expect their favorite brands to do the same. This has raised the sustainability trend into a business imperative.

The promotional products industry is no different. According to a Global Ad Impressions 2020 study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 46% of consumers are expected to have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product they receive is environmentally friendly. It’s not just about the younger generations. Nearly a third of people aged 55 and over say they bought more environmentally friendly products in 2019 than in 2018.

What exactly are sustainable promotional products and how to implement them in your marketing strategy?

Sustainable products deliver environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, prosperity and the environment throughout the commercial cycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal. They can be made from completely natural materials, and at the same time reduce the positive impact on the environment by reducing waste and recycling.

How do sustainable promotional products improve your marketing strategy?

In 2021, consumers expect companies to follow the green vision. Not only do they want to be treated as socially conscious, but they want their favorite brands to reflect the same values.

The implementation of environmentally friendly promotional products into the overall marketing strategy of your brand is therefore no longer a proposal, but a key step if you want to reach today’s consumer. By choosing sustainable products, you will not only attract your customers and potential customers, but you will create a positive name for your company and thus improve the overall image of your brand.

So how do you implement sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in your company? Here is a list of sustainable promotional products to help you get started.

1. Planners made of recycled paper

A planner or notebook made from recycled paper is a good choice both for the environment and your potential customers. At the same time, it encourages your green vision and shares it with gift recipients, as well as inviting them to plan for their future – of which you may become a part yourself.

Many planners on the market are made from recycled paper and bamboo and other environmentally friendly materials. As a company, however, you can go a step further and surprise your gifted with a notebook made of paper made from seeds. Not only is it a practical gift, but also a gift that gives back to nature!

2. Recycled laptop backpack

Another important product for those who are constantly juggling hybrid work or learning is the backpack with space for your computer. Recycled laptop backpacks with many front and inside pockets are an ideal promotional gift, as they protect the user’s computer from external elements.

Each laptop backpack can be further embellished with color screen printing or digital printing on the front of the bag, where you can add your company logo or a green thought that will inspire both the recipient and others to care for the environment.

3. Wheat fiber sunglasses

More and more green products are made from natural materials, but only a few are made from wheat fibers. But what exactly is this material? This is the straw that remains after harvesting the wheat grains. Although it is usually treated as waste, it can be used to create products like sunglasses.

Combined with bamboo, such glasses exceed all standards of green promotional gifts, so you can be sure of the success of such products.

4. Bamboo lunch box and utensils

We often neglect the importance of a meal at work because we want to get our tasks done as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it is good to know that the work will be done with quality only if we are filled with energy.

That’s why promotional lunch boxes are a complete surprise for your employees – not only do you let them know that you care about their well-being with such a gift, but you also invest in the green promotion of your company. Gifts made of bamboo are extremely popular. This material thrives without fertilizers or pesticides, which makes it a sustainable source

5. Recycled fleece quilt

Household products combine comfort and durability – there are a huge number of recycled blankets on the market that offer the possibility of complete personalization. By choosing the color and design, you have, so to speak, created something unique that will become part of the client’s home.

After all, today we are more interested in comfort than ever before, so a blanket with a green mission is an ideal promotional or business gift. It combines a sense of homeliness with the social awareness and responsibility that your customers crave.

Update your company’s green marketing strategy

By promoting your brand with eco-friendly promotional products, your company is participating in the revolutionary movement that defines this generation. Reduce the ecological footprint of your company and increase brand awareness with sustainable promotional products that you will be able to donate well.

But just because your company chooses to use eco-friendly promotional products doesn’t mean your work is done. Make sure you promote other sustainable practices in your company’s workspace:

  • Encourage employees to cycle or use public transportation to get to work
  • Change most paperwork from paper to digital, otherwise use green materials such as recycled paper
  • Use fair trade and organic products
  • Use only non-toxic cleaners

These are just a few ideas to improve your business as a whole. Once you gain a sense of sustainability in marketing, every aspect of your business should also reflect environmentally friendly values. You will see results when your potential customers and clients become more loyal to your brand as a whole and respect what you value as a company.

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