Promocijska darila vezana na vreme: Kako obdarovati v soncu, dežju, ali snegu

Weather-Related Promotional Gifts: How to Gift in the Sun, Rain, or Snow

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23. August 2021
Weather-Related Promotional Gifts: How to Gift in the Sun, Rain, or Snow 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
Weather-Related Promotional Gifts: How to Gift in the Sun, Rain, or Snow 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Choosing promotional gifts is often challenging; sometimes we simply run out of ideas. Fortunately, inspiration can be found in nature, specifically in the weather. Did you read about the storm in the weather forecast? Or maybe you already feel the heat wave approaching? Have you already adapted your closet to the colder months?

Promotional gift ideas are all around us, and it’s time to start looking for them. To make it easier for you, we have prepared some of the most basic ideas for promotional gifts in all different weather conditions.

Sunny Days and High Temperatures

With the right promotional products for warm and sunny days, customers are much more likely to want to do business with you. That is why we have prepared a list of summer promotional products that could be given to your clients at summer events.

1. Beach Bags

When we visit the coast, it is always good to bring the most basic things to the beach in a big bag. This way we can be sure that you have everything you need. The bags are also ideal for personalization, as they offer a huge area for printing. They are also suitable for everyday use.

2. Fashion Accessories

It’s hard to imagine sunbathing without sunglasses, or walking on scorching ground without flip-flops. That is why fashion accessories are an excellent promotional gift, as the choices are endless – even a straw hat will remind many people of spending their summer days under the treetops.

3. Water Bottles

With a reusable bottle, you can make sure that the amount of rubbish on the beaches is reduced – plastic bottles are one of the most common waste found on the beach. Also, people keep personalized bottles for years, which will help promote your business.

4. Frisbees and Beach Balls

Not everyone enjoys sunbathing, but certainly not children – so surprise your customers (especially those with kids) with toys to play with on the beach. Frisbees are one of the most popular summer promotional gifts, and inflatable balls provide fun in the water too!

5. Cooler Bags

There is nothing better than a cold drink on a hot summer day. Cooler bags are perfect for carrying drinks to the beach, as they make sure they stay cool even in the highest temperatures. Your clients can also put a sandwich or some other snack in their cooler bag, which will give them extra energy to enjoy the water.

Raindrops and Moody Weather

Rain surprises us at the most inopportune times, usually on the way to work or school, even while traveling or camping. Therefore, the following promotional products are some of the best you can give to a customer or employee:

1. Silicone Shoe Covers

There is nothing worse than walking around with wet shoes and socks. Although this can be avoided by wearing rubber boots, these are not always suitable for work. To help the customer avoid wet feet, surprise them with silicone shoe covers.

2. Umbrellas

There are endless types of umbrellas, and sometimes it is almost impossible to choose the model that would impress everyone. However, since the rain usually surprises us, a folding umbrella seems to be the one that will come in handy, as we can store it in a car, a backpack, even a handbag!

3. Jackets Made of Quick-Drying Fabric

Jackets that dry in minutes are the perfect addition to a rainy day. Made from quick-drying fabric, they make sure that in the office or restaurant, the customer does not deal with a wet jacket, but can calmly focus on their work or conversation.

4. Backpack Cover

Whether your clients are students, cyclists or mountaineers, backpack covers are an ideal promotional gift, as they make sure that any electronic gadget, book or snack hidden in their backpack is kept safe from the rain.

5. Raincoat

When we have no other choice, we are saved by our trusty raincoat, which we can carry with us in everywhere, even in our pocket! However, since these are made from disposable plastic, consider purchasing ones made from environmentally friendly materials such as compostable corn plastic.

Low Temperatures and Snow

As winter approaches, your customers will start preparing for the cold weather. With these promotional products and your help, they will be one step closer to comfort and warmth.

1. Jackets and Fleece

The average promotional product is stored for six months, while consumers keep clothes for up to 16 months! Quality and usability are the reason why consumers keep such products longer. Choose durable pieces of outerwear that employees and customers will be able to enjoy in the cold winter months, and personalize them with your company logo.

2. Coffee and Travel Cups

Hot chocolate and cider are part of every consumer’s winter – so why not give them a mug with a logo to sip a hot drink by the fireplace? When it comes to advertising, mugs with a logo are more effective than radio and television ads. Consider a festive themed motif that will make your customers happy to use the cup with your logo for years to come!

3. Socks and Slippers

Promotional socks are an ideal promotional gift, as they bring comfort and warmth to a client’s home. In addition, they will help increase the visibility of your brand, as socks are one of the most important pieces of clothing in the cold winter months. During the holidays, customers can enjoy their soft days in soft personalized slippers.

4. Emergency Road Kit

Snowy days may be really fun when it comes to snowball fights, but icy roads pose a great danger on the way to work or home. Therefore, endow your customers with an emergency kit to ensure they stay safe while driving. Consumers are sure to remember your brand when they avoid getting stuck on the highway with your help!

5. Board Games

When we spend cold evenings in the shelter of home with family, there is nothing better than playing board games. Surprise your customers or employees with a set of playing cards, chess, dominoes, or any other board game. This way, you will let them know that you also value their time with family and think of them even when they least expect it.

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