Zakaj so promocijska darila pomembna za uspeh vašega podjetja?

Why Are Promotional Gifts Important for Your Business to Succeed?

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19. July 2021
Why Are Promotional Gifts Important for Your Business to Succeed? 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
Why Are Promotional Gifts Important for Your Business to Succeed? 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Promotional products are tangible objects on which the name or logo of the company is imprinted (sometimes engraved) – many entrepreneurs also opt for a personal message in special cases. Promotional items are extremely popular among customers, which makes them an incredibly powerful marketing tool – they allow your company to enter the daily lives of your customers, who adore the products mainly because of their practical nature and aesthetic appearance. Promotional products create an unforgettable experience for your business as they allow consumers to physically interact with the brand.

All of these facts are the reason why you should implement promotional items into your brand’s advertising strategy as soon as possible. With their help, you can ensure visibility in a larger market in the shortest possible time at a low cost, and inspire confidence in your company with your customers.

They Act as Your Business Card

Business cards introduce your company and its products to consumers. Your promotional gifts work in a similar, almost the same way, but unlike business cards, they bring much better results. When you give your customers gift products related to your brand and industry, you are actually presenting your business to a larger group of potential consumers – creating more opportunities with a wider audience to attract new loyal customers to your business. According to numerous surveys, almost 90% of respondents remember the name of the company, which surprised them with a promotional product in the past two years.

Don’t forget that you can equip promotional gifts not only with the logo and company name, but also with your contact information – a tangible promotional product thus acts as a useful business card and at the same time as an original marketing strategy. It is no longer just a piece of paper that most recipients throw in the nearest bin.

They Ensure Instant Visibility of Your Brand

Brand awareness means that consumers recognize your business and products or services as soon as they notice your logo. Think of the huge number of fast-food restaurant chains – for example, people immediately recognize the yellow bow that makes up the logo of a fast-food restaurant. The same can be true for your company – with a recognizable brand, your company goes into the subconscious of countless consumers and thus becomes part of their everyday lives. This is one of the key reasons for distributing promotional items.

A carefully selected promotional gift stays in your customers’ homes, offices, or even cars for longer, reminding them of your business, products, and services. On average, consumers use your promotional products for a good six months, which will leave them in their minds and memories without much hesitation – moreover, as soon as they notice your logo in the future, they will remember your kind gesture. To ensure this association, printing a logo on a promotional product is all the more important, and a gift is much more personal if you add a universal message. However, if you want consumers to use your promotional items for a longer period of time, it is necessary to choose the right type of them – a T-shirt or a cup will definitely be usable for a longer period of time than, for example, a pen.

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They Gain the Trust and Loyalty of Your Customers

We recognize loyal customers by their frequent visits to your company and the use of your services. With additional resources to build a solid base of loyal customers, you can boost consumer loyalty and trust in a short period of time – the easiest way to achieve this is with promotional products.

However, before giving such gifts, make sure that your promotional goods are of high standards – they are often made in mass production and at a low price, which means some gifts are of poorer quality. People will associate the quality of gift products with the quality of your business. You certainly don’t want your business to present itself as a business that doesn’t care about properly crafted items. However, if you ensure good quality, you will also ensure the loyalty of customers who will always come back to you.

They Are Considered a Low-Cost Form of Promotion

Many small businesses can only dream of large-scale advertising campaigns spreading across different media. However, even smaller entrepreneurs can still achieve their marketing goals with the help of promotional products that enable a wallet-friendly marketing campaign. When it comes to advertising, there are countless products with which your business can join even those world famous.

Most promotional gift manufacturers try to keep product prices as low as possible to allow for mass distribution. Although the prices of gift items are low, the impact on recipients is high. Research shows that cups are one of the most popular promotional products, helping the visibility of your brand despite their low cost. The products thus bring great value to your investment, as you win over your customers with a simple gift.

Promotional items are therefore ideal for expanding your customer base and developing your company’s brand. With them, you gain both the trust and loyalty of consumers, while spending extremely little money on the production itself. In short, they represent an ideal and fast solution when your company finds itself in a period of stagnation that prevents it from growing. With the help of promotional products, you will always be one step ahead of the competition!

What is your experience with promotional products? Have you already involved them in your marketing strategy, or are you planning to do so in the future?

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