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Why Should You Buy Locally Produced Food And Products?

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19. September 2022
Why Should You Buy Locally Produced Food And Products? 1 Veronika Mikec je redna študentka, pisateljica blogov in bodoča revolucionarka.
Why Should You Buy Locally Produced Food And Products? 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


The impact of the pandemic on international trade makes buying local more important than ever. This period over the past few years has been one of the most challenging we’ve ever seen, changing the way we live, work and run our businesses, but many of the effects of the pandemic are likely to be permanent. Buying locally had become more than a trend years before the pandemic, but the decline in cross-border trade has made its importance even more apparent.

Buying fresh and local produce will be the main focus of this article, but there are many other ways you can go about shopping with your local economy in mind. You can source cleaning products, clothing and kitchenware from local suppliers, working to be a benefit to your community rather than a burden. Times are tough for everyone, which makes it all the more important to consider how you can run your business in a more socially conscious way. Buying local products is not only beneficial for the people around you, but also for your business.

Financial Advantages

Save Money

There is a misconception that buying local products is always more expensive. While that was once true, the tide is turning the other way, and now, with a more populous and therefore more competitive market of independent sellers, consumers are reaping the benefits of lower prices for locally made goods. As a business entity, your neighbours are more friendly when it comes to negotiating prices for bulk orders. In addition, they can cut out the middleman in the supply chain, resulting in savings and lower costs. Build a strong relationship with your neighbourhood farmers market and you’ll save money in the long run.

Support the Local Economy

Every business owner knows the value of maintaining a steady flow of cash: think of your region or neighbourhood as your own business, where customers play an important role in maintaining healthy finances. Whether it’s buying your products and services or attending a conference, the more customers spend inside your business rather than outside of it, the better. The same goes for your community and its economy. As a citizen and entrepreneur, make a commitment to channel as much of your spending as possible into your community.

Top Quality

Enjoy Freshness

Local food is fresh food. Think about it: produce grown in the country or municipality avoids a long journey from one place to another, during which, perhaps frozen, it loses its freshness and flavour with each kilometre. Instead of sitting on the supermarket shelf for days, local products sold at markets are usually bought the same day. Eating locally grown food, which is usually free of pesticides and preservatives and contains more nutrients, also benefits your health.

Get to Know a Varied Menu

When you shop locally, you’ll quickly learn the importance of a flexible menu. Many products are seasonal, which means that certain dishes will only be on your menu at a certain time of the year. Think of it as a positive! Of course, some of your staples should stay on the menu all season long, but the smaller and mostly changing offerings are sure to impress – especially when you get a taste of how your local shopping habits have improved the quality and freshness of your meals.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce Emissions

Along with economic and community benefits, buying locally also puts less strain on the environment. Transporting food contributes a lot of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and pollution, just to transport the imported products thousands of kilometres of travel by land or air. This distance is called “food miles” and you can significantly reduce the number you are responsible for by buying local and shortening the transportation distance required to transport that product to the retailer.

Avoid Pesticides

As mentioned above, commercially produced food that travels long distances is often full of pesticides, which is bad not only for the environment, but also for the health of consumers. When you hear about organic products, they are products that come from local farms and are grown without the use of pesticides and other toxins. The organic method prevents much of the water and air pollution that would otherwise be created. When you commit to buying local, you contribute to healthier food.

Protect the Wildlife

When you shop and eat locally, wildlife can be one of the last things on your mind. But consider this: when farmers don’t get enough support and their business is in trouble, they have to sell their farm. Usually, when these farms are sold, they are converted for commercial or industrial use, destroying the habitat of many wildlife. But when farmers are successful and can keep their land, these habitats remain intact. Every time you buy something local, you help protect important local land.

With proven economic, health, environmental and even wildlife benefits, it’s clear that there are plenty of compelling reasons to start buying local. Not only will this save you money, but you’ll also help your neighbours and bring some life to your community.

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