Bookmark with a magnet

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This interesting and extremely lightweight bookmark is made from biodegradable material. It includes a small magnet and a tab, which can mark one or more pages at a time without falling out of the book.

The bookmark can be fully printed to your liking. Because of its flat design and light weight, it is an ideal gift to send through the mail. Packed individually in a transparent bag that also comes with a card that is also printed with the graphics of your choice.

The price already includes 4-color digital printing on the endorsement and 4-color digital printing on the card.

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Category: SKU: 89435



Material: /

Colour: /

Dimensions: 55×60 mm

Weight (g) / Fabric Weight (g/m2) / Volume (ml): 4 g

Personalization: Digital print

Additional Information: Delivery costs excluded.


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