Bokashi Organko 2

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Organko is a functionally made bin made from recycled plastic that eliminates the hassle of collecting and separating all types of bio-waste. It is suitable for any household or business as it can be placed in the kitchen, closet or storage room.

While filling the bin, we add a natural spread called Bokashi / Biogen to the waste daily, to ensure that the fermentation process is set up in the bin instead of the rotting process. Thus, the contents of the bin are completely odorless, with pesticides and other harmful substances being decomposed into environmentally friendly elements, while retaining all minerals and minerals. When the recycle waste bag is full, the contents are simply shipped to a bio-waste container and left for further processing by utility companies. Households with their own compostor place the full baskets in a room with a room temperature and let them rest (during which time they start filling another bin). After 2 weeks, the contents of the first basket are fully fermented and the resulting mixture is ready for composting. Empty the bin on the compost pile, cover the mixture well. In 4 weeks the first quality compost will be generated from the waste, suitable for future use. If the contents are buried in the soil, it becomes nutritious humus within 4 weeks. Positive results were certified by the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia. During the fermentation process, a liquid is formed in the bin, which is drained every few days with the help of a tap at the bottom of the bin. Undiluted, it can be used to maintain clean drains, or be diluted with water and used as fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants.

Organko is also supplied with 1kg of Biogen, a dosage container, a fermentation crucible, a ruler, a strainer and instructions for use.

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