Summer hit


Summer hit

Elegantly designed reusable bottle!

Retap is a bottle that you refill over and over again to ensure fresh water intake every day.

Our mission at Retap is to reshape the way we drink water.

Whether you drink filtered water or enjoy it straight from the tap, a reusable bottle is the easiest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to drink it.

Your Retap bottle is designed to give you the best water drinking experience. Comfortable to hold and spill-proof, our award-winning design ensures you enjoy every moment.

The Retap bottle is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe.


1. Bottled water

The Retap bottle is specially designed for drinking water, meaning it is made of the highest quality materials that are environmentally friendly. Prove that you care about the environment and your own health.

2. Clean and fresh water

In order to be able to drink clean water, your bottle must be completely clean. You can wash the Retap bottle in the dishwasher and use it again and again.

3. An environmentally friendly, quality bottle

Water is the basis of life and should not be exploited in a way that harms the environment. The best way for the environment is to drink tap water from your bottle. A bottle designed for drinking water must be made of the highest quality materials. So, we chose borosilicate glass. It’s strong and can be recycled.


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