Wooden postcard

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Are you also tired of postcards with boring and repeated wishes? Say hello to a postcard that’s none of that. Send a unique wooden postcard that the recipient can turn into a three-dimensional figure, such as an elephant, a bunny, a Christmas tree, an angel, a catamaran, etc.

Despite its woody structure and woody smell, the postcard has all the characteristics of paper, as it’s light and thin. All motifs are laser-engraved on the surface of the wooden postcard, and easy to peel off and fold into cute ornaments. You can choose from simpler, easy-to-assemble motifs or more complex ones for those who like challenges.

The innovative technique allows us to turn wood into high quality veneer. Due to the special laser cut technique, you can fold objects manually without any accessories.

The wooden postcard is simple in shape, with minimal details, allowing you to leave your personal stamp on it. You can write and draw with regular pens. Because the postcard is so light, you can send it by regular mail.

Custom made postcards with any motif and text for any occasion, such as promotions or special events.

For the production of postcards timber from a sustainable forest management is used, alongside with all the associated certificates.

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