Tree free infinity pencil

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This Tree free infinity pencil replaces your traditional wooden pencil. Traditional wooden pencils write only up to around 200 metres, but this Tree free infinity pencil, has a writing length of up to around 20000 metres using a graphite tip to produce a graphite line. Not only does it write like a pencil, but the markings can be erased. It works by leaving a graphite line on paper just like a regular traditional wooden pencil but it wears down so slowly, that it should outlast up to 100 traditional wooden pencils!

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Material: Bamboo, Graphite

Colour: brown

Dimensions: 138xfi 9 mm

Weight (g) / Fabric Weight (g/m2) / Volume (ml): 6.5 g

Personalization: CO2 Engraving 1,Pad Print Low

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