Sun in a jar

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With this product, which reminds us of the jars our grandmothers filled with homemade jam, we can literally “catch the sun” and enjoy its pleasant warm light in the evenings. This interesting jar is ideal for creating a cozy / romantic / relaxing atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.

The glass houses high-performance solar cells, a rechargeable battery, a light sensor, and LED bulbs. Leaving the glass in the sun will charge the battery, and when it darkens, the sensor detects it and turns on LEDs that emit warm light.

The sun in the glass works by harnessing environmentally friendly solar energy. In other words – it works with the help of the sun! Therefore, it is best to place it on a windowsill or table on the patio (also great for a kid’s or living room). The glass is completely waterproof, so it can be left outside.

Packed in a nice cardboard box.

It can be personalized with a sticker on either the gift box or the product; or in the form of a smaller greeting card / card attached to the glass cap. When ordering 1000 or more pieces, you can print your own packaging.

The product was awarded the Gift of the Year in England.

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